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Medical and medication records play an important role in managing the wellbeing of seniors. Falcon Medicare fulfils all these needs with a professional cloud-based solution.

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Welcome to Falcon Medicare

Falcon Medicare is a web-based software solution for medical and medication control for retirement homes and villages. Data and functions are available online 24/7 in real-time to assist doctors, nurses and caregivers to give the ultimate service to residents. Falcon supply software solutions since 1987.

Falcon Medicare consist out of two interfaces, one for the admin office on a desktop computer and another for mobile devices such as tablets. These two interfaces are two-parts of the same software and share a common database to ensure 100% integration and real-time functionality.

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Admin Office Interface

The desktop interface handles all setups and maintenance of resident information as well as doctor and pharmacy details. This is updated in real-time to the cloud server.

The doctor’s prescriptions, tasks and notes are captured, and prescriptions are uploaded in pdf format to the web server, this is available 24/7 on demand. Doctors and nurses’ diagnoses, notes and tasks are captured here and uploaded online.

Mobile Interface

A special mobile facility is available for doctors, nurses and caregivers to have access to all the resident’s information anywhere in the retirement home and even off-site in the doctor’s consulting room or hospital. The resident’s personal information is available for medication, medical information, activity logs and documents such as prescriptions, doctor reference letters or any other relevant documentation.

  • Data capturing for new prescriptions, medication, diagnosis, notes and tasks can be done on any mobile device by the doctor, nurse and caregivers on the run.

  • A summary of daily tasks and notes is available to control all daily aspects of the well being of the resident.

  • All data and functions are available for any day in the past and instructions and notes can also be made for future dates.

Overview of Facilites

To manage the well being of our senior people, doctors, nurses and caregivers rely on up-to-date and reliable information to assist them to make the right decision and actions. The functions available will assist them in this regard.

Residents Information

A resident’s personal information contains a photo together with next-of-kin details, alerts, medical details, allergies, chronic conditions, critical information, doctors and Pharmacy. It is available on both the desktop and tablet interface. A summary of this information can also be printed to be displayed in the resident’s room.

Daily Summary

A daily summary of all the tasks, notes and activities are shown for caregivers on any mobile device. Care giving instructions for hands, feet, bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, hair and feeding is also available to assist the caregiver in helping the residents.


Medicine changes and new prescriptions can either be captured on the desktop interface or by the doctor on their mobile device to save time and eliminate mistakes. Prescription documents, doctor’s diagnosis and any other relevant document can be viewed and printed on the desktop or viewed on the tablet. Medicine orders can be compiled and emailed to any pharmacy. Medicine can be set as prepared, passed, not available and not dispensed. These records can also be viewed for any date in the past.


Medical tasks and diagnoses are captured on either the desktop computer or mobile device. Tasks can also be set for any date in the future. Medical test results are captured and shown on both the desktop and mobile device platforms. Wellness calls are logged and stored for future reference. Documents for doctor references or any other related document can be stored and viewed in both the desktop and mobile device platforms.


It is important that seniors participate in activities like playing chess, walking, reading, going to the movies, card games, etc. These activities are logged and a full history thereof is available to the doctors and nurses. A booking system is available and the day’s booked activities can be viewed and printed. A summary of all activities over any period of time is available.

Wellness Calls

It is standard practice to phone all seniors every day. A facility is available to show the senior’s telephone and cellphone numbers.

These calls are logged and records is kept of all calls made on what dates

Meal Bookings

Two types of self-help meal booking systems are available namely, by fixed menus or by priced items. Free meals for residents and visitor meals are also accommodated. A touch screen is used to simplify the booking process. The booking systems are exceptionally user-friendly and senior residents over the age of 80 years manage it with ease. Bulk billing is done to a comprehensive debtors system. Reports for meal preparation are available in real-time.


An electronic device switches up to 8 washing and dryer machines on and off with the swipe of a magnetic card. The resident is automatically billed, directly to their account. An electronic scale is also connected to a point-of-sale terminal to bill washing and drying per kg directly to the resident’s account. Cycle time and prices are controlled for washing and dryer usage.

Apartment Cleaning

Unlimited cleaning tasks, duration and times can be set up for apartment or room cleaning. Bookings for cleaning can be done in advance and a booking schedule can be printed. Cleaning charges are billed in bulk, directly to a resident’s account.

Resident Debtor Accounts

Two debtors accounts are available namely one for levies and another that is used as a current account for sales from the bar, coffee shop, canteen, medical supplies and services, apartment cleaning, meals, laundry or any other charges. Billing is done either in real-time or in bulk. Full integration into Pastel and Sage Accounting.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Falcon has a comprehensive point-of-sale system with multiple facilities which are tailor-made for retirement villages. This system consists of 10 fully integrated and different point-of-sale systems which cover all the activities of a retirement village. These facilities are for canteens, coffee shops, bars, medical services, laundry, medication, specials, apartment cleaning, meal bookings, and take-away deliveries.

A comprehensive stock management system with unlimited store rooms controls all stock movement, orders, purchases, transfers and variances. It is backed by a reporting system with more than 160 reports. Microsoft Report Builder allows for the development of your own reports at no extra costs.

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